Lasting Curb Appeal

Yard maintenance is a very time consuming task requiring a diverse range of equipment that is costly and takes up significant space to store and maintain. Think of the time and money you could save with MaintenanceWorx’s Yard Maintenance service.

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Lawn Care


Be the envy of your neighbourhood

Lawn Care is an important part of maintaining great curb appeal for your house, without having to acquire, store and maintain lawn care equipment.

MaintenanceWorx Lawn Care service includes mowing, edging, string trimming, blowing walkways, bagging and disposal of cuttings. Lawns should be cut to 1.5 inches in the spring and fall, and raised to between 2.5 – 3.0 inches by mid-summer, with a well-maintained sharp blade. Our Lawn Care service is offered on a weekly schedule throughout the growing season.

Spring Clean-Up


Give your yard a makeover

Spring is the time to gently wake your yard and prepare for the beauty of summer. Starting the summer growing season off on the right footing is paramount to the success of your garden and curb appeal.

MaintenanceWorx Spring Clean-Up service involves removing dead grass from your lawn with a power rake, squaring edges, raking leaves and the first cut of the lawn. Removing dead grass provides access for fertilizers and water to nourish your lawn early in the season, and ensures a healthy lawn in the summer. MaintenanceWorx Spring Clean-Up service eliminates the need for you to purchase or rent and store lawn maintenance equipment.

Weed & Feed


Luscious lawns, no yellow flowers

Applying fertilizer and weed control is essential to achieve a healthy green lawn free of dandelions, and increases the look and appeal of your yard to all your neighbours.

Knowing what to do, when to do it, and what to avoid can be tricky. MaintenanceWorx professionals take the guesswork out of fertilizer application for you. They will arrive in a specialized truck with the necessary equipment to get the job right. Our professionals will spray your entire lawn in an impressively short amount of time, factoring in the wind and making sure the yard gets even coverage.

Tree Pruning


Strong, healthy, beautiful trees

Trees that are poorly maintained can die unnecessarily, become safety hazards for your family and neighbours, and even cause damage to your home. Tree pruning ensures your trees are strong, healthy and beautiful, letting your landscape flourish and enhancing overall curb appeal.

MaintenanceWorx Tree Pruning Services involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, and low vigor branches from a tree’s canopy. Depending on the desired outcome, the crown can also be raised, thinned, or, if necessary, reduced. The overall result is increased shade and reduced chance of branches getting broken off in storms.


Let us be your green thumb

Homeowners today understand the significance of creating value in their landscapes. Maintaining the outside of a home has become as important as maintaining the inside.

Lush, thriving and colourful gardens have become the norm, but tend to require horticultural expertise and significant time commitments. Whether it’s choosing from the seemingly endless and diversified variety of plant material available, knowing when to divide and transplant perennials, or creating interesting and unique seasonal containers, MaintenanceWorx’s knowledgeable and experienced staff is well positioned to take care of all your horticultural needs.

Fall Clean-Up


Hibernate your yard

Cleaning up your yard in the fall is essential to ensure a healthy lawn throughout the season.

MaintenanceWorx Fall Clean-Up service includes removal of leaves, trimming overgrown branches and hedges, and lawn aeration. Decaying leaves extract moisture from the soil and allow for the easy germination of weeds. And, as compaction in soil occurs over time, aerating your lawn is essential to ensure the soil has the proper access to the nutrients and water your lawn needs to thrive.

Snow Removal


Don’t let snow break your back

Snow removal is critical to ensure you meet city bylaws and provide safe walkways for visitors and friends. However, it takes time and energy and is gruelling on the body.

MaintenanceWorx Snow Removal service is performed less than 24 hours after a snowfall has occurred. Our service includes clearing all snow from walkways, driveways and stairs. In the event of ice build-up, scraping and chipping will be employed along with an anti-ice agent. Drifting that occurs after a snowfall will also be cleared to ensure constant compliance and a winter safe property.