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Take a Year-Long Vacation from Home Maintenance

Regular home maintenance is important to ensure small problems do not escalate into large, expensive situations that could jeopardize the value of a house, or the safety of the people inside. However, homeowners often do not have the necessary skill or time to properly complete the tasks needed to maintain a home. Working with contractors can sometimes be frustrating, and you may not always feel that you get your money’s worth.

At MaintenanceWorx, we help you manage your home maintenance requirements so you don’t have to. Our home maintenance services provide you with the peace of mind that your home is being properly maintained and retaining its value.

Making our customers happy is our number one job. All MaintenanceWorx contractors have been run through a stringent qualification process, and all of our services come with a guarantee that it is done right, or we will fix it. We have one number to call with 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year customer service, and a trusted advisor to respond to all your maintenance requirements.

Our home maintenance service packages include:

  • Home Safety & Systems Maintenance, Exterior Maintenance and Yard Maintenance.
  • Contractors that have been professionally qualified for their experience, equipment, insurance, WCB and bonding.
  • A maintenance solution that ensures all the requirements of maintaining a home are included and the people who perform the work are qualified.
  • Annual payment plans that provide cost certainty.
  • Annual Maintenance Reports that document your home maintenance.

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