Make your Home Happy from the Inside Out

The number one priority in a home is the safety of its occupants.  MaintenanceWorx Home Safety & Systems service provides regular checks of the related systems in your home so you can relax knowing they are functioning properly.

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Systems Inspection


Keep your home and those inside safe

A home is a complex structure with an abundance of systems and components. Many elements will require regular maintenance, repair or replacement.

MaintenanceWorx Systems Inspection provides annual check-ups for ventilation, electrical, plumbing and structural components inside your home, to ensure all systems are in good working order, or identify any maintenance requirements. Completing this check-up annually identifies what needs to be repaired prior to it becoming a large unplanned expense.

All of our inspections are completed by certified house inspectors and include a home maintenance report for your records.

Handyman Service

Small tasks, big result

Small tasks that require attention around the home can be frustrating and time consuming to complete, often going unattended until a bigger problem surfaces.

MaintenanceWorx Handyman Service alleviates calling multiple specific trades to complete tasks, reducing the total cost to maintain your home. Our service includes replacing filters in the fridge, furnace and humidifier, and replacement of smoke and CO2 detector batteries annually to ensure the safety of your home. Our professionals will clean the coil on your refrigerator to maintain efficient operation and extend the life of the appliance. We will remove and clean bathroom fan covers to maximize longevity and reliable operation, and provide maintenance of all door hinges, including the garage door. As a convenience, we will also check that all your light bulbs are operational, or will provide replacements if required. In addition, MaintenanceWorx Handyman Service includes 2 hours to hang pictures or do minor repairs like replacing handles around your home.

Furnace and Air Conditioner Cleaning


Ensure the creatures of comfort in all seasons

Cleaning your furnace and air conditioner on annual basis ensures that the air in your house is healthy and circulates efficiently.

MaintenanceWorx Furnace and Air Conditioner Cleaning service includes an annual service of your furnace and air conditioner, minimizing operational issues of these key systems. Regular annual maintenance identifies possible failure risks of critical components, which helps alleviate emergency service calls on weekends and evenings.

Duct Cleaning


Healthy air, healthy you

Ducts overtime become gathering places for dust, allergens and hair that naturally float through the air. If you have asthma or allergies, this can aggravate your condition over time. These contaminants frequently attach themselves to ducts, and create colonies to collect additional contaminants.

MaintenanceWorx Duct Cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of ducts to reduce the accumulation of these contaminants and increase the efficiencies of the movement of air.

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Reduce energy use and protect your home from fire

A clogged dryer vent reduces the effectiveness of your dryer. Lint and debris not captured by the lint collector will eventually clog up the dryer vent. Clothes take longer to dry and result in increased utilities costs.

MaintenanceWorx Dryer Vent Cleaning service includes an annual cleaning of dryer vents to minimize costly repairs from overloaded dryer motors, and potential fire hazards.

House Check


Get out of town with peace of mind

When you leave your home for an extended period of time, most insurance policies require that someone check on the well-being of the property every 2 – 3 days.  Some of the most common incidents are washer, dishwasher and fridge hoses that burst and cause significant water damage.

MaintenanceWorx House Check service ensures that your home is safe, meets insurance requirements and city bylaws and deters criminal activity. Part of the service includes making the house look occupied by removing mail, cutting the grass, shovelling snow and changing lighting configurations. We will even ensure your cats have food and water, as required.

Maintenance Summary Report


Give your house the perfect resume

Keeping good maintenance records with regards to your property can protect you against future liabilities. And, being able to produce comprehensive maintenance records will provide future buyers proof that the home has been maintained professionally.

MaintenanceWorx Maintenance Summary Report service provides you with a comprehensive binder that details all the work that has been completed on your property over the last contract period. This includes Yard Maintenance, Exterior Maintenance and Safety and Systems Maintenance services.