About Us

MaintenanceWorx is a company that provides guaranteed packaged home maintenance services. We focus on three key areas of home maintenance: the yard, the exterior of the house and interior safety and operational systems. Our goal is to provide homeowners with an easy solution for managing their home maintenance requirements, with no concerns about sourcing and managing independent contractors. One call to MaintenanceWorx and we will dispatch qualified and dedicated professionals to take care of it for you. You no longer have to fear if the work will be completed properly and on time. We guarantee all our services will be done to your satisfaction – every time.

Limiting your risk is important to us. So, we thoroughly qualify all our MaintenanceWorx professionals to ensure they have the right equipment and proven experience to complete each task. You can be assured that all MaintenanceWorx professionals have the applicable insurance, bonding and WCB certification to work on your property. And as a final due diligence check, we randomly select customers from their previous customer base and perform an extensive reference check.

Our business is supported by comprehensive information technology systems that provide us timely information related to each of our accounts. We are able to schedule and track all our work using GPS tracking technology. Every time one of our crews works at a customer location, they have to complete a specific checklist, ensuring consistency in the work completed. MaintenanceWorx will email a checklist to you each time we complete work at your home.


Customer service and quality control is our number one priority. As a customer, you only have one number to call. No matter what the issue, we will have an experienced advisor available to provide advice and help with maintenance problems in your home. If there is a problem with work that has been performed at your property, a MaintenanceWorx Customer Care Manager will come and resolve it to your satisfaction – guaranteed. We will resolve the problem until you are satisfied.

Our packaged plans are designed to give you a choice of a range of services that meet your budget requirements. Our monthly payment plans provide you with cost certainty and peace of mind that all your home maintenance requirements are scheduled and completed on an annual basis. If you need to exit the contract early you pay a small termination fee and you are done.

Our goal is to provide you more time to do the things you love knowing that one of your largest investments is being well maintained.

Wayne M. Clark
Founder, President & CEO

Wayne Clark

MaintenanceWorx was a concept that I developed after observing my friends and neighbours, young and old, struggle with home maintenance on their houses and cottages – What to do? When to do it? and How? – became the norm. Using contractors from sites like Kijiji™ that were not qualified resulted in shoddy work and frustration, and additional costs trying to fix the problem. When you don’t have the experience to pick a qualified contractor and properly communicate the scope of work, the results are never what you expect. Unfortunately, the industry has earned a reputation of taking advantage of the most vulnerable. However, my experience is that there are good contractors out there in every trade and service. So, I applied the 35 years of experience I have in operations, customer service, marketing and sales to start my own home maintenance business.

MountainsIt was important to me to foster a culture at MaintenanceWorx where the customer is the #1 priority. Having a “can do attitude” to help customers with all their maintenance requirements, and making sure that every person in the company believes “we do the right thing” for our customers, employees and contractors are core values of our team. If any of our stakeholders are not satisfied, we guarantee we will make it right.

I believe being involved is integral to building strong communities. I personally have been involved by consistently serving meals at the Drop-in-Centre, and proudly serve as a director on the board at Between Friends, a charitable organization that provides a social environment for kids with disabilities. We encourage all our MaintenanceWorx employees and professionals to contribute back to the communities they serve.