Give Your Home a Facelift

Exterior Maintenance is essential to ensuring that water drains away from your foundation and you maximize the curb appeal of your home. But it is time consuming and can be dangerous having to climb ladders to clean gutters and windows. MaintenanceWorx Exterior Maintenance service ensures the outside of your home is properly maintained while keeping you safe inside.

MaintenanceWorx Exterior Maintenance package includes:

  • Window cleaning inside and out that lets the light shine into your home.
  • Gutter cleaning that ensures water drains away from your house efficiently.
  • Power washing that prevents the build-up of mold and mildew on outdoor services.
  • Chimney cleaning that prevents the build-up of creosote and chimney fires.
  • Getting your home ready for the festive season with Christmas lights set up and removal.

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Exterior Window Cleaning


Let the light shine in

Cleaning exterior windows can be dangerous work, as it generally requires specific ladders and special equipment to alleviate slips and falls.

MaintenanceWorx Exterior Window Cleaning service includes wiping down the sills, cleaning the channels and clearing the dust that builds up on the screens. Our professionals use environmentally friendly cleaners that leave windows sparkling and resist the build-up of dirt.

Interior Window Cleaning


Smudges and streaks spoiling your view?

Avoid the hassles of moving furniture and having water dripping all over your walls when trying to clean the inside of your windows.

MaintenanceWorx Interior Window Cleaning service uses the same process that we use to clean the exterior of the window.  However, on the inside we focus on wiping and drying all your interior windowsills and channels.

Gutter Cleaning


Don’t let clogged gutters damage your home

Gutters move water away from your house exterior so that your foundation and/or soffits do not get damaged and rot. Leaves trapped in gutters can form a decayed sludge. In winter conditions, this sludge can freeze and expand the gutter, causing leaks or even pulling the gutter away from the soffit.

Maintain the protective integrity of your gutters with MaintenanceWorx Gutter Cleaning Service. Our service involves the removal of leaves and sludge from all gutters to prevent water from damming in the gutter, and cleaning of downspouts to ensure water is properly drained away from the foundation. We also inspect all the gutters and downspouts to ensure they are secure and sealed.

Power Washing

Bring back life to siding and patios

MaintenanceWorx professional experts understand how to clean and revitalize surfaces through the use of water temperature and pressure.

Our Power Washing service involves applying hot or cold high-pressured water to remove residual build-up on siding and concrete/brick patios.  In some instances brushes are used to remove stubborn dirt.

Chimney Cleaning


Keep your family safe

Fireplaces require annual maintenance to be safe. Avoid possible chimney fires or damage to your home with MaintenanceWorx Chimney Cleaning services.

Our Chimney Cleaning service involves removing soot and creosote from wood-burning fireplaces, and cleaning and maintaining natural gas fireplaces to keep them operating correctly and safely.

Christmas Lights


Light up your home without the stress

Christmas lights add a festive look to every house. However, installing and removing them can be challenging and frustrating, especially in winter weather conditions.

MaintenanceWorx Christmas Light Installation service involves the design of a light display that is approved by the homeowner.  Our professional installers will verify all bulbs are working and install the lights so they remain safely in place for the season.  Once the festive season is complete, we will remove and box the lights for storage at your home.